Top 5 Waterfalls


With the Winter solstice having just passed and the rain still refusing to give in, it seems that the time has arrived to run off into the mountains and explore the vast waterfalls in the depths of Australia’s national parks. Have a break from binge-watching Netflix curled up in your bed and face the cold head-on by having a look at nature’s most magnificent landmarks; and, coincidentally, we have a list for some of the most spectacular waterfalls that New South Wales has to offer.

Fitzroy Falls

Image Credit: About Australia

Take in the lush rainforest valleys and gaze at the spectacular waterfall cascading down over 80-metres of cliff face. Situated deep in Morton National Park, Fitzroy Falls provides a scenic stop on the way down to Nowra where you can stretch your legs or just enjoy a relaxing picnic.

If you’re looking to explore the area a bit more, the West Rim walking track gives visitors the chance to see the waterfalls and expansive valleys of Morton National Park on a two hour trek through the woods. The trail isn’t too tough so feel free to bring the whole family along, even the little ones.

Ellenborough Falls

Image Credit: Manning Valley

Two words – road trip! Sitting just a few hours north of Sydney, Ellenborough Falls are actually one of the longest single drop waterfalls in the southern hemisphere, although the precise height has long been debated with some believing it to be as low as 160-metres or as tall as 200-metres.

The falls themselves are known as a ‘horsetail’ since the water largely stays in contact with the cliff throughout its drop. Keen explorers can head to the bottom of the waterfall on the timbered walkway or they can even enjoy an easy 10 minute stroll to The Knoll where visitors will be granted a spectacular lookout right across from the cascading water.

Empress Falls

Image Credit: Wild Walks

Although Empress Falls may not be the longest waterfall in Australia, it is hard to compete with its wondrous tiered drop down into the lagoon below. The falls have become a popular abseiling location over the years and visitors will often see several canyoners wearing hard hats and wet suits, preparing themselves for the 30-metre drop.

As you travel down to the valley, there will be plenty of opportunities to take in the spectacular view of the waterfall from all sorts of different angles. You don’t even have to be a fitness guru if you want to check out the falls since there are plenty of places to rest if those stairs prove too much and hardcore hikers can choose to follow the trail through the National Pass which provides world-class views of the Blue Mountains region.

Curracurrong Falls

Image Credit: Sydney for Everyone

Around the world, there aren’t too many waterfalls that empty into the ocean and even in Australia, a country surrounded by water, there are only a handful and Curracurrong Falls are one of these few natural phenomenons. Forget about double rainbows, here at the Royal National Park, you will find a double waterfall spouting from the cliff face into the depths of the ocean below.

Even on a windy day the falls will prove a spectacular display as the water is pushed back over the top of the cliff spreading clouds of mist on the lush surrounds. To reach the Curracurrong Falls, you will need to trek 40 minutes of bushland but it’ll be well worth the effort when you stand atop Eagle Rock and gaze on the panoramic ocean view.

Wollomombi Falls

Image Credit: Caravan on Tour

One of the tallest and most spectacular waterfalls in the whole of Australia, the Wollomombi Falls are a force to be reckoned with standing at a 220-metre long plunge. Found in Oxley Wild Rivers National Park, the rocky cliffs and rugged bushland produce a picture of nature’s raw strength and die-hard explorers can hike down the numerous tracks in the area to get a range of views of the waterfall.

The best time to see the Wollomombi Falls is right after heavy rainfall when the valley truly comes alive as it fills up with mist and the water cascades down the rock face. You might even get a chance to see a rainbow if the sun decides to show itself so definitely bring along the camera.



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