Top 5 Trivia Nights


Not everyone can be a million-dollar winner on Australia’s TV trivia circuit like Andrew Skarbek, but we can always make the most of the working week and hit the local pubs for our little claim to fame. There are plenty of places around Sydney to test out your trivia expertise and we’ve done all the research to find the places to suit everyone from the biggest trivia nut to those who are just looking for a way to catch up with some mates. So whether you’re a pop culture aficionado, a history buff or can name all the capital cities around the world, be sure to join in and battle it out for that prestigious first place.

Goodgod Small Club

Image Credit: Goodgod Small Club Facebook

For those who know their Ewoks from their Daleks, and their T-Swizzle from their Slim Shady, there is no better place to prove your pop culture prowess than at the Goodgod Small Club. There are a bunch of prizes up for grabs throughout the night so let your inner fan girl out into the open and it might just be worth your while.

Although the questions begin firing at 8pm, you may want to come in a bit early to secure a seat and you can always pass the time by indulging in some delicious Belly Bao chicken or quenching your thirst with one of Goodgod’s classic punch jars. Topics are also released at the end of each month so you have plenty of time to brush up on your pop culture facts.

All that time spent watching your favourite TV series multiple times, re-reading Harry Potter (we’ve all done it), and tracking forums to keep up with the latest fan theory comes down to this one night so make sure you bring your A-game.

Where: 53-55 Liverpool St, Sydney
Wednesday | 8pm

Toxteth Hotel

Image Credit: Toxteth Hotel Facebook

The best things in life actually come in twos and with trivia on both Monday and Tuesday night, it’s hard to beat a battle of the brains at the Toxteth Hotel. For those who want a little brain food to power up before the quiz, there are $12.50 mains available to provide the perfect pre-game boost.

Pub-goers will need every shred of trivia they know on Monday nights when the Toxteth Hotel tests their general knowledge with questions covering anything from geography to history. With some great prizes on the line, you’ll definitely want to bring along some of your more well-rounded friends to increase your chances at the top spot.

Tuesday nights are made for the more musical guests with questions drawn from the world of rock stars, boy bands, and power ballads. If you know your frontmen from your drummers and can name all the members of The Rolling Stones, then it’s time to use your (brain) powers for good.

Where: 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
Monday & Tuesday | 7:30pm

Marlborough Hotel

Image Credit: Marlborough Hotel Facebook

If you enjoy spreading your general knowledge tidbits, but don’t like taking yourself too seriously, a trivia showdown at the Marlborough Hotel may just be your best option. It’s been the longest running trivia night in Newtown and even now you’ll want to get in early to steal a spot on a table – time has certainly not diminished its popularity.

Hosted by Reta, you can expect quite a raucous night with a focus on having fun rather than an actual intelligent battle of the wits so make sure you leave your competitiveness at home if you’re planning on taking part. And, if you want to risk it for the biscuit, you can gamble all your hard-earned points on one final question so even if your team is a bit lower in the ranks you still have a chance at the top prize.

Where: 145 Kings St, Newtown
Wednesday | 7pm

The Rose Hotel

Image Credit: The Rose Hotel Facebook

For a night that’ll have people from all walks of life come head to head in a battle of the brains, The Rose Hotel has the perfect atmosphere to show off all those random facts you’ve collected over the years. As a popular drinking hole for locals and students alike, booking ahead is essential if you want to secure a spot for your team.

Just a short walk away for those students at Sydney University, there’s no better place to put those random facts to good use whilst you enjoy one of The Rose Hotel’s irresistible pizzas with a drink on the side. Want a bit of a head start? Then bring along the answer to the question that The Rose Hotel post on their Facebook page and feel your grasp on first place tighten.

Where: 52-54 Cleveland St, Chippendale
Tuesday | 7pm

The Forresters

Image Credit: Forresters Hotel

The house of sports becomes the house of knowledge every Tuesday night with trivia kicking off at 7:30pm for anyone who’s keen to flaunt those little pieces of information that have never been of use anywhere else. Even if you’re not the biggest trivia buff, the $12 schnitty’s are enough to convince any foodie to join in on the action.

Every week there are a few cash prizes up for grabs so choose your team mates wisely to maximize your chance at first place. The Forresters has been a long-time favourite for Sydney-siders and in traditional pub style, there is nothing quite like a night filled with puzzling questions while the answers sit just on the tip of your tongue.

Where: 336 Riley St, Surry Hills
Tuesday | 7:30pm



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