Top 5 Non-Netflix Activities in Sydney


Forget about winter, spring is coming. And with spring comes sunny days, warmer weather and the chance to actually want to crawl out of bed and experience the great outdoors. So to save you from the bothersome task of finding places to go (you know, apart from the beach), we’ve compiled a list that will let you take a break from Netflix and enter the real world.

Archery Centre

Have you ever wanted to possess the accuracy of Legolas or the skill of Katniss Everdeen? Well head on over to Sydney’s very own archery centre for some target practice. You’ll have the opportunity to aim for fun where you will be taught all the basics of archery or those who own their own gear can come in on a casual basis to hone their shooting skills.

The centre caters for group bookings with programs that feature a series of mini-games to make the most of your day. The staff can reverse the scoring, decide whether the balloons give you bonus points or deduct them or even incorporate elimination rounds so make sure you pay attention to the rules.

Where: Bennelong Parkway, Sydney Olympic Park
Tues – Sun | 10am – 4pm

Shooting range

Image Credit: Sydney International Shooting Centre / Facebook

Are you a fan of action movies? Take a trip down to the Sydney International Shooting Centre to see whether you could hold your ground against James Bond or if you possess the shooting skills of Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible. Licensed firearm holders can hire a range of pistols and rifles for either the 10m, 25m or 50m ranges. Unlicensed individuals can still try their hand at shooting through numerous programs that the SISC has to offer including laser clay target shooting – complete with realistic sound effects.

Those without a license can have a crack on the one-on-one try shooting program where visitors can try out either a .22 rifle or .22 pistol. This program comes with 50 rounds of ammunition, firearm and range hire as well as safety equipment so this is definitely a good choice for first-time shooters.

Where: Lot 1 off Elizabeth Drive, Cecil Park
When:  Mon – Sun | 9am – 5pm | Tues & Fri | 5pm – 10pm

Tree Tops Adventure Park

Monkey around up high in the trees on a high ropes course that will test your strength, endurance and any fear of heights. Embrace your adventurous side and tackle three courses – blue, green and red – that are sure to challenge. Those over 16 can even attempt the black course after completion of the original trio, but be aware that this is no easy obstacle to over come.The black course will have you climbing higher and on top of more perilous beams where you will need to use every ounce of muscle to refrain from falling.

You’ll want to bring some water bottles along which you can leave at the beginning of each course since everything is in easy walking distance and you don’t want to risk dehydration, especially in warmer weather. This activity can work perfectly for team-building exercises and provides a good outdoor alternative for a birthday party.

Where: Plough & Harrow, Western Sydney Parklands, Elizabeth Drive, Abbotsbury
Mon – Sun | 9am – 6pm


Revenge is a dish best served cold, and there are few things more cold-hearted than shooting your friends in the back during an intense game of paint ball. Now the team at Ultimate Paintball have formulated the perfect program across multiple battlefields including D-Day, a war-styled simulation where opposing teams will attempt to capture the flag and claim victory.

A day of paintball is all the action you need so get your Rambo on and prepare yourself for a battle of epic-ish proportions. Although bruises are a given after your time on the field, it’s only more reason to exact the same amount of pain on those who shot you. But be careful with who you bring along – you might lose a few friendship points if you get too ruthless.

Where: Corner of Cawdor Rd & Remembrance Dr, Cawdor
Tues – Fri | 9am – 5pm | Sat | 7:30am – 4:30pm | Sun | 7:30am – 3:30pm


Put down the controller and turn off Mario Kart – it’s time to experience the real deal, minus the bananas and the constant fear of falling off Rainbow Road. You’ll have to put the pedal to the metal if you want to become victorious, but don’t take those corners too fast since you might spin out and lose that podium finish.

Drivers can choose from either the 9hp or 13hp karts and the hire includes all the necessary accessories to make you feel like a Formula 1 driver – helmets, gloves, and racesuits, you’ll get it all. If you want to experience a real-life grand prix, Eastern Creek Karts provide a series of head-to-head battles that start at $150 where racers will be able to reach speeds up to 95kph. A day filled with high-octane fun, this is for those with the need for speed.

Where: 50 Peter Brock Dr, Eastern Creek
Mon – Sun | 9am – Late

Honourable Mention

Aqua Golf

Image Credit: Aqua Golf / Facebook

A day in the great outdoors doesn’t always have to be action-packed, sometimes it’s just better to soak up some vitamin D and have a few shots on the range – this is where Aqua Golf Penrith comes in. Step into one of the bays and take aim at different targets including a pirate ship – you may even score yourself a prize.

Bring your friends and make a competition out of it; see who can hit the furthest or try and get as close to a target of your choice –it’s all up to you. If you’re allergic to that strong Australian sun, you can always take a few shots when it gets dark since Aqua Golf is open until late in the night.

Where: Panthers World of Entertainment, Mulgoa Rd, Penrith
Sun – Thur | 8am – midnight | Fri – Sat | 8am – 1am



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