The Mystery Puzzle


You’ve been thrown into a room, the clock is ticking and you’re scrambling to find the first clue – can you solve the puzzle? The Mystery Puzzle is a real-life escape room simulation where your team must search high and low to gather hints that will help decipher the problem at hand. Whether you’re a sucker for puzzles, need a team bonding session or just want to try something new this weekend, The Mystery Puzzle is the perfect hang-out that will put your mind to the test.

The Mystery Puzzle currently has three adventures to choose from (with a fourth on the way) with unique themes that will make you feel like you’re in a different era as you step into the room. If the pirate life’s for you, then try one of the two Room of the Lost Pirate Souls where your crew must escape in less than an hour or else end up in Davy Jones’ locker until the end of time. If firm ground is more your style, then you can enter the Catch the Bank Robber Now room where, as the name suggests, your team must find the robber before they escape with the stolen money.

Head to The Mystery Puzzle’s website if you’re interested in a head-scratching challenge that can win you free entry for your next visit. Their weekly brain twister is a challenge for a reason, so it may take some time to solve. If you’re not inclined to puzzle out the riddle, then use the code xploresydney01 on your next booking and you’ll get 30% off – no brain power required.

Where: Level 1, 37 Bligh St, Sydney
Mon – Sat | 12pm – 9pm
Contact: 02 9994 8221Official Website



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