KFit and Fabulous

Image Credit: Jessica Polak

As a self-professed health enthusiast, I jumped at the opportunity to try out KFit which would provide an almost endless list of work-outs, leisure sports and yoga sessions. Simply with a click of a button, I would be able to reserve my spot at the class that happened to take my fancy – and this turned out to be harder than expected since I was spoilt for choice. Weather forecast said tomorrow was sunny? I guess hiring some roller-skates from Skater HQ was the way to go. Rainy day? Head over to a Zumba class to kick that heart-rate into gear. And a quick yoga session was always a good way to end the week.

In my pre-KFit life, I had dedicated hours of time at the gym running for as long as possible on the treadmill and joining in on the occasional class. With KFit, I put aside my current gym-junkie ways and stepped into a whole new version of fitness; first stop, Flip Out. Now, if you’ve never heard of Flip Out, then you are in for a world of fun. The place is essentially a dream for those adults who never want to let go of their inner-child with trampolines lining the floor and the walls, a dodge ball zone, and a foam pit where you can show off your best tricks or perfect that back flip to your heart’s content. Sorry to follow the old cliché, but you’ll be having so much fun that you’ll barely notice that you’re working out.

After a tough week of work, KFit classes, and deadlines, there are few things that manage to relieve my stress as much as a yoga session does. Whether it’s a meditation class in Manly, or a restorative session in Maroubra, it was a great opportunity to test my flexibility and stretch out any sore muscles. Bring along your KFit pals (you can receive $20 credit if you get a friend to sign-up to All Access) and find your zen together, then go out for a feed – you’ve earned it. These activities were just the tip of the iceberg and if you prefer a high intensity training session to a more leisurely class, then just scroll through the KFit app and you’ll find the perfect match.

Since you have to reserve your spot at least a day before a class, the exercise will eventually become part of your daily routine and the large amount of choice means there’s something for everyone. Also, you have the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone with classes like chair dance and crossfit that will challenge both your confidence and your body. So if you’re one of those people who create a health-related new year’s solution that never seems to be completed, KFit may just be your next stop in becoming fit and fabulous.

To download the app (available for Android and iPhone), head to the official KFit website and, as a present for all our readers, the promo code XPLORE will grant users one free month to use the app with $20 off the second month and $10 off the third.



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