Fly to the Future


Any fan of Back to the Future would know about the high expectations we had for technology in 2015 – namely having a badass hoverboard to get us from place to place. Now a quick look out your window will show you that no, the predictions weren’t exactly on point, but with Hendo slowly fine-tuning their hoverboard (not those fake two-wheeled ‘hoverboards’) alongside skate-boarding legend Tony Hawk, it shouldn’t be long before we’ll have a whole new way to move around.

While we do wait for the real thing to become available, a water jetboard at the Sydney International Regatta Centre may just be the next best thing. It follows a propulsion system rather than hovering above the water but either way, once you’ve gotten the hang of the board, you start to feel a bit like Iron Man, even down to the flying struggles he had when he first put on the suit. Thanks to Adrenalin and their Share an Experience campaign, me and another human of my choice would have the privilege of trying to tame the jetboard – emphasis on the try.

On the day of our flight, once we had finally arrived at the correct lake (we may or may not have ended up at the white water rafting centre instead), we watched two brave souls attempt to keep their balance as they rose higher and higher into the air. It was indeed comical but as we were next in line to try, a few nagging doubts surfaced about our own ability of balancing for more than a mere second atop the board. Nonetheless, I volunteered to go first before the nerves got to me.

Wetsuit on, feet strapped in, and a head full of instructions; I was ready to go. The experience begins with you being dragged into the middle of the lake so when you fall, because you will fall multiple times, it’s safe to say you will not hit the bottom of the lake. It was time for my first attempt so I kept repeating the words of my instructor in my head “keep your legs straight, you will fall if you bend your knees” and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, I was not able to beat the odds and soar gracefully into the air on my first try; instead I floated about waist-high out of the water and sunk back in because I was leaning too far forward.

Even with my initial fail, I stayed positive and persisted with my sub-par performance. It wasn’t long before I rose above the water, and not long after that before I managed to move around for a good 30 seconds although I will admit I had some pretty spectacular falls between those moments. It was quite a disappointment when my time was up, but I was able to watch my plus one go through the same process and see just how ridiculous I would have looked every time I fell back into the water – needless to say there were very many Snapchat worthy moments.



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