Do Something For Nothing


Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the rough and tumble of work, study and Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it almost feels as if you only have time for yourself. But sometimes all you need to do is take a moment of compassion to see the world from a bigger perspective and realize that life isn’t so bad. Hairdresser Joshua Coombes is trying to bring a little bit of humanity back into the world in between life’s everyday distractions with his own personal touch by giving haircuts to the homeless and spreading his #dosomethingfornothing movement.

An idea born just a few, short months ago, Coombes felt he could do more than just give loose change and actually make a difference in these people’s lives by making them see value within themselves. Starting off in the South of England, continuing in Paris and now going between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia, this movement is slowly growing and motivating more people to get out there and help others. It’s more than just feeling good about ourselves, it’s about, as Coombes puts it, “confronting the humanity we can all find within ourselves” and spreading compassion so we can connect with those around us – no matter their position in life.

Many people are willing to share their story with Coombes and tell the tale of how they came to live on the streets. A true eye-opener, their stories show just how hard modern living can be with some remaining quite memorable to those who care enough to listen. One tale that Coombes will find difficult to forget is that of a man searching for his son who he had lost contact with some years ago and had travelled to Paris without any money to track him down. “Sometimes fate plays an amazing role in this”, says Coombes, and it just so happened that the man had found his son and, with the help of Coombes, was able to freshen up with a haircut the day before they were planning to meet up.

If you want to follow Josh on his journey and watch as he continues his inspiring movement, keep a look out on his Twitter and learn about the stories behind the people through Instagram. Feel free to join the movement in your own little way and #dosomethingfornothing whether that’s volunteering on the weekends or just offering to clean the dishes, because together, we all could win.



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