Disney movies are popular across generations and it shouldn’t come to a surprise when the studio continues to release films that can entertain anyone no matter the age.Their latest animated adventure  Zootopia manages to bring together a stellar cast of unique, anthropomorphic animals, a killer plot-line and enough easter eggs to make any pop culture fan squeal in excitement.

Focusing on Judy Hopps, a determined rabbit who has just become the the first police officer of her species; her dreams are trodden on when she begins her career as a meter maid. But with multiple missing animal cases across Zootopia, Hopps is willing to go to any lengths to prove her worth to the force – even risking her career in the process. To help her along the way is a sly fox called Nick Wilde who she blackmailed into assisting her with the investigation.

The film is immediately a stand-out since the main character sets out to follow her dream career as a police officer rather than focusing on family ties or her one true love. Even the prejudice seen towards predators throughout Zootopia creates a relevant tale that remains topical in today’s society, but manages to do this in a way that doesn’t make it overtly political in nature.

A cast of distinctive side characters is essential to get the audience to come back for a second round, but you can’t look past the brilliant development Disney scripted between Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. The pair’s interplay flowed smoothly and kept the crowd entertained with ongoing jokes that were perfectly timed; the back and forth use of, “it’s called a hustle, sweetheart” is easily one of the most memorable lines of Zootopia. Oh, and a great film is never complete without the perfect soundtrack and with Gazelle (voiced by Shakira) telling everybody to Try Everything, it’s hard not to leave the cinema on a high.

Whether you need a movie that the kids will love, or just want to watch something that will make you smile, Zootopia is well worth the admission fee – and maybe even a box of popcorn on top of that. Bonus points if you can catch all the pop culture references scattered throughout the film and catch that all-important plot twist.


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