Veg To Differ


Situated deep in the south-west of Sydney, Veg To Differ brings the ultimate cafe experience for any vegan who is sick of picking from menus with limited options to suit their lifestyle or even the omnivores who want to see how the other side eats.The delicious feed that awaits is well worth the travel time for those inner-city slickers, and if you’re a local then this just might become your regular eatery.

Featuring the much-appreciated all day breakfast option, Veg To Differ will provide you with (arguably) the best meal of the day at any time with a whole selection of acai bowls, pancakes and even the choice of a classic big breakfast. It’ll be hard to believe that the cafe is vegan once you’ve sunk your teeth into a juicy burger with a side of ‘chicken’ nuggets – step back Maccas. If you’d prefer to forgo the fake meat option, you can still take a bite out of their veggie patty burgers or go down the pizza route with pulled jackfruit, mushroom and vegetable varieties waiting to satisfy your carb cravings.

Once you’ve chowed down on your vegan meal, spend way too long lingering at the counter choosing between mouth-watering desserts including brownies, cheesecake, cupcakes and even banana bread  – never forget to treat yourself. No bookings are available at Veg To Differ, but there is a take-away option in case you don’t want to miss out on a heavenly feed. Remember, anyone is welcome to dig in at this vegan cafe just be respectful and don’t bring any meat-packed meals if you’re planning to eat in with your herbivorous friends.

Where: Shop 9, 1-15 Murray St., Camden
When: Wed – Thur | 11am – 4pm | Fri – Sat | 11am – 8pm | Sun | 10am – 4pm
Contact: Official Website | 0444 808 555


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