The Cat Empire


Walking into the Enmore Theatre, the crowd would give a passer-by no clue as to who was playing in this welcoming venue. From teenagers rocking their Cat Empire merchandise to fans older than the band members themselves, everyone who walked through those doors just wanted to get lost in the music.With a sound that keeps drawing in listeners every time a new album is released, no one would argue that after 17 years on the scene, The Cat Empire are masters of their craft.

The night kicked off with the Melbourne-based duo known as the Pierce Brothers who managed to draw in the crowd through their musical talent which included playing a variety of instruments such as the harmonica, didgeridoo and guitar – sometimes simultaneously. Kicking the mood into gear, their lively performance paved the way for an exciting night ahead and before long, it was time for the main attraction.

Starting with their popular single Wolves, the crowd cheered in jubilation as the rhythmic beat of the song echoed through the theatre. Continuing with tracks from their latest album Rising With The SunBulls was up next but it wasn’t too long before some favourites from years past filled the air. They managed to mix the playlist with the perfect level of old and new while adoring fans sang along in total euphoria; and those who didn’t know the words made up for it with their dancing.

It seemed like no time had passed at all when the final notes of All Night Loud called the night to an end. Refusing to move, the crowd called for an encore and it wasn’t too long before The Cat Empire happily answered the people’s roar. Ollie McGill, their master pianist, greeted the crowd once more before moving onto his keyboard to hit those unforgettable starting notes to The Wine Song. As the rest of the band joined in on the fun with Harry Angus blowing the crowd away using his mesmerizing vocals, the atmosphere rose to an ultimate high. Somehow, the band managed to mash the Black Eyed Pea’s song Pump It into the track which made every fan in the room forget about everything except what was on that stage.

Finally, before The Cat Empire called the concert to an official end, they brought out one of their oldest tracks traditionally used as the finale of their shows – The Chariot. Every fan in the theatre was adding their voice to lead singer Felix Reibl and the floor was shaking with the amount of people dancing along. It’s easy to understand why The Cat Empire have managed to make it this far and bring together crowds of unique personalities, their music breeds acceptance and tuning in brings nothing but good vibes all around.


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