Return To Your Game Boy Glory Days


A while back, in 1989 to be exact, a handheld game console was launched by Nintendo which paved the way for many popular franchises that are still loved by players to this day. Even though some have created emulators that allow people to go back in time and play some of the classics, nothing beats the feel of that Game Boy in your hands when you’re on your way to becoming a Pokemon Master.

It seems that the people at Hyperkin share the same opinion and so what began as an April Fool’s Joke has now turned into a viable product. Named the Smart Boy, the developers decided to bring the device to the market when geeks answered with a resounding “yes!” to the whole idea. Everybody was hit with nostalgia once they spotted the bulky case and the perfectly placed buttons – hopefully all those notifications on your phone won’t ruin the game play.

With a US$60 price-tag, you no longer have to fork out cash on a new Nintendo DS just to get onto the Virtual Console for games that have been out longer than some of the players out there. The Smartboy will be compatible with any Android phone between five to six inches and will recognise both Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges. Developers can also tweak the open source system and Hyperkin is kind enough to offer a royalty percentage of sales to anyone who can improve the device to a retail ready level.

If you’re looking for that perfect Christmas gift for your geeky friends, or just want to treat yourself to a present, the Smart Boy is now available for pre-order and will be shipped out from the 1st of December. Happy holidays kids and start getting out those old cartridges that have been laying around for years.


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