Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters Revealed

The latest addition to the ever-popular Pokemon series will be hitting stores on 18 November and Nintendo has finally decided to share some all-important information about the Sun and Moon starters. Pokemon trainers will travel to the Alola region, an island location based on Hawaii with references to the coastal environment, style of clothing and even by name (Alola sounds similar to Aloha which means hello). The wide shot of Alola shows quite a small area for exploration, therefore it’s quite logical to presume that there are other islands for players to visit.

Moving onto our new starters, players can pick between Rowlet (a grass/flying type resembling an owl), Litten (a fire type which looks like a cat) and Popplio (a water type seal Pokemon). Ember and Water Gun will return as starter moves while Rowlet will receive a brand new attack called Leafage. No word on the evolutions of the starter Pokemon so if you’re still not sure which one to choose, more will be revealed closer to the release date. Also, the legendaries pictured on the covers of the game are yet to be named with Sun featuring a lion-like Pokemon while Moon portrays a bat-like creature.

What version are you leaning towards? Which starter will you choose to take on your adventure? Let me know in the comments down below.


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