Pixar Animators Release Heart-Wrenching Short “Borrowed Time”

Whenever you go to the cinema to watch a Pixar movie, it’s common knowledge that a short film will be played right before the beginning so many fans make sure they arrive early to catch this inspiring story-telling. Now, we tend to expect more uplifting tales featuring quirky characters from the animation studio like the cheeky rabbit in Presto or the young boy who helps his family sweep up the stars on the moon for the first time in La Luna.

Borrowed Time, on the other hand, is a story of despair and our need for closure when mistakes of our past continue to haunt us years after the initial incident. Although quite dark compared to the light-hearted shorts we’ve come to know and love, the stirring soundtrack and flawless editing of Borrowed Time prove that “animation could be a medium to tell any sort of story“. Grab those tissues and let me know what you think of this latest featurette down below.

Edit: Since publishing, the Vimeo has been put on private but you can still watch the short here.


5 thoughts on “Pixar Animators Release Heart-Wrenching Short “Borrowed Time”

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