Nintendo Direct Recap


Back in February, Pokemon fans had been blown away with the news that a new game in the franchise would be released later in the year and now Nintendo has announced a whole list of upcoming titles and upgrades to look forward to later this year.Rather than watching the forty-minute Nintendo Direct video, read on to find out some of the more exciting games and features heading to stores in 2016.

Fans of the Zelda series may be disappointed with the small amount of news about the franchise. Nintendo chose to focus on the Twilight Princess HD remake as well as the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends for 3DS and made no mention of the much-anticipated title, The Legend of Zelda. Haven been set for a 2016 release date, the lack of talk on the subject can suggest some drawbacks in its development, but the year’s not quite over so we’ll see what happens.


Although Zelda may have been a bit quiet on the news scale, it seems that Mario is remaining one of Nintendo’s top priorities with all kinds of software ready to entertain thousands of gamers. Mario and Sonic will be heading to the Olympic games once again and will be attempting to win that precious gold in new sports including rugby sevens and rhythmic gymnastics – featuring venues modelled after those being used in Rio. Super Mario Maker, on the other hand, is receiving an update to implement new course elements for players to create even better levels to complete.

On top of these upcoming changes, Paper Mario Color Splash is set to hit shelves and provide you with all types of puzzles to keep you entertained for hours. The game is set on the colorful Prism Island which only has one problem – the color seems to be disappearing from the world. Reminiscent of De Blob, your job is to get to the bottom of the island’s mysterious dullness and re-color the world to its former glory.


Not only are Pokemon trainers around the world excited for Sun and Moon since the upcoming title Pokken Tournament is just around the corner. You’ll get to prove whether you are the very best that no one ever was when you make your way through the ranks and encounter more difficult opponents. Every win also provides you with the reward some in-game currency which you can use to splurge on new clothes and the like for your avatar. If you’re a collector of Amiibo cards, make sure you participate in the pre-purchase to score a Shadow Mewtwo which will remain exclusive to those who choose to buy the title in the first production run of the physical game.

Retro gamers can rejoice – a whole series of legendary old-school games are coming to new 3DS systems in their original form. Super Mario World, Earthbound and Super Metroid are just the tip of the iceberg so keep a lookout in the Nintendo e Shop. Fire Emblem Fates players will also be getting some new software to enjoy with the release of a new path called Revelation coming soon while Monster Hunter fans can take a look at the exciting trailer for the next instalment of the series; Generations:

In between the hype of popular titles and much-wanted updates, Nintendo also announced the release of the Isabelle Amiibo later this year and the introduction of the My Nintendo Loyalty Program. This program will allow users to collect platinum points for “fun rewards” while gold points will be used for special deals. Not many details have surfaced, so we will have more information once My Nintendo launches this month.


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