Let’s Talk About Sony


During the year’s biggest week in games, we all come out as winners with a whole list of upcoming titles to add to our calendars and maybe even some new hardware to nerdgasm over. Although it seemed E3 started off a bit slow with EA surprising no-one and a bland Bethesda Dishonered 2 presentation which almost made me never want to see the game again, Sony kicked into high gear with trailer after trailer of geeky goods.

Keeping it classy with a full orchestra, the music entranced the audience while live gameplay footage of the new God of War game was shown on screen. Being the eighth title in the franchise, Santa Monica Studio’s have decided to change things up a bit with a soft reboot of the series. Moving away from its basis in Greek mythology, God of War will now feature a world set in Norse mythology where returning protagonist Kratos must mentor his son and protect him from the dangers of the life he leads. Not convinced? Check out the gameplay for yourself:

Nostalgia is probably the best way to win over a gamer’s heart and Sony definitely didn’t disappoint in this category by announcing that Crash Bandicoot will be completely remastered from the ground up for the PlayStation 4. The original game alongside Cortex Strikes Back and Warped will be returning to your console and even though there is no release date as of yet, you’ve done good Sony. Now can you please remaster Spyro?

If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not have heard of a little game called Horizon Zero Dawn. Based in a world ruled by Machines, Aloy (a badass huntress) sets out to discover the mysteries behind their origins and find the answers to a long-forgotten past. This game is my most anticipated upcoming title and I’m crossing my fingers that developer Guerrilla Games lives up to my ridiculously high expectations. Just watch the gameplay video and prepare for your jaw to drop:

Now there was one particular piece of  hardware that quite a number of companies decided to take the dive into this year – yes, I’m talking about virtual reality. If you never want to sleep in the dark again, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will give you all the nightmares you’ve ever wanted while Farpoint is probably not the best choice for arachnophobes out there. You will also be able to say “I’m Batman” with Arkham VR bringing Gotham City to life and soon you’ll be able to enter the world of Final Fantasy XV – good-bye reality. Sony’s headset will be available this October and won’t have the same power as either the Vive or the Oculus, so unless you’re a die-hard fan for virtual reality, it might be best to see how the final product performs before investing.

For those who don’t own a PS4 quite yet, it might be time to make the switch or you can wait until the new PlayStation is released before you invest – after all, do you really want to miss out on another year of exclusive platform content? Clearly Sony have won me over this time, but have they done the same to you? Or has a better contender entered the arena? Let me know in the comments down below!



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