Gotta Draw ’em All


Need a few geeky prints to spruce up your walls? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Rose “Rocky” Hammer brings all types of characters to life with the magic of pencil, paper and a sprinkle of Photoshop for those extra touches. Your favourites from PokemonAdventure Time, and even Undertale are all available in-store; she’s also recently brought out some drawings of Tracer and Mei from Overwatch.

Based in Canberra, Rocky has a whole palette of artistic skills balanced on her hand with experience in graphic design and ceramics alongside her masterful pencil drawings. When she’s not attempting to sketch the entire Pokedex, you’ll find her creating original art for board games, video games and comics. Head to her website for a closer look or, for any Pokemon Masters out there, check out her Tumblr for all her Pokemon creations.

If you’re interested in donning your wall with any of your favourite Pokemon, or other popular geeky characters, head to Rocky Hammer’s Etsy shop for her available prints; otherwise maybe you’ll be lucky enough to catch her at a booth during a convention. For those who want to keep on top of her upcoming projects and original pieces, either head to her Instagram, Facebook page or Twitter for all of the latest updates.


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