Never Bean Fitter Cafe


Whoever thinks that healthy food can’t taste as good as take-away clearly hasn’t been visiting the right cafes.Located in Campbelltown, South-West of Sydney, the Never Bean Fitter Cafe is the answer to a delicious post-workout meal or just a mouth-watering breakfast you won’t have to feel guilty about. Tempted yet?

On your first visit to N.B.F.C., you can’t go past a signature acai bowl packed with all your favourite in-season fruits – you’ll never have to worry about those two a day again. If you’re looking for something a little more savoury, the stakka deal comes with a succulent bacon and egg roll to fill you up and a coffee to give you a little caffeine boost. Now, their menu is known to change on a daily basis with items like porridge, sweet potato wedges, protein balls, and even vegan cupcakes available for a little treat meal so feel free to pop in-store to see what delicious food they have in stock.

Never Bean Fitter Cafe will be opening a second shop in Cronulla sometime soon so there’s no need to feel left out if you’re not a Macarthur local. It won’t be long before you can stroll down the Cronulla Esplanade with a summer smoothie in hand or head up to the beach with an acai bowl just waiting to be devoured.

Where: Patrick St, Campbelltown
When: Mon – Wed | 6am – 5pm | Thur – Fri | 6am – 7pm | Sat – Sun | 6am – 4pm
Contact: Official Website | 0491 246 540


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