Best Weapons From Ratchet & Clank


It seems to be the year of remasters in the gaming industry with a shiny, new Ratchet & Clank having been released back in April and Crash Bandicoot set to hit old-school gamers right in the feels. One of the most enjoyable parts of the Ratchet & Clank series was the amusing and sometimes downright absurd weapons that the developers invented. In celebration of their creativity, here’s a short list of my personal favourites from the reboot. And Ryno will not be named since anyone who has played Ratchet & Clank knows it’s the trump card against any boss.



Everybody dance now! If you want to make your enemies feel like fools before you even defeat them then the Groovitron is the weapon for you. Forcing your foes to dance, and dealing some extra damage in the mean time, will make them regret ever seeing your face in the first place. Hey, you could even learn some new moves while you’re at it.

Predator Launcher


Sometimes you’re forced to deal with several foes simultaneously and rather than wasting precious seconds wiping them out one by one, the Predator Launcher can lock on several enemies with its laser-guided system. This is a true weapon of destruction making it a must-have for anyone looking to take on an army of foes.



Watch the world burn with the use of your handy flamethrower, but be sure not to set yourself on fire – as a hero, it’s quite embarassing. The Pyrocitor is a short-range weapon so if someone pops your personal bubble, chances are they’ll never do it again.

Mr. Zurkon


There’s only one thing that Mr. Zurkon knows how to do and that is killing enemies, although he makes for a pretty sassy companion as well. Don’t want to deal with pesky foes who won’t stop trying to kill you? Mr. Zurkon’s your man. Maybe it’s best to keep on his good side though, you know, for safety reasons…



Want to humiliate your enemies in front of all their evil pals? Well, we’ve got the weapon for you. Turn your fiendish foes into innocent farm animals with the help of the Sheepinator and watch as their eyes fill with fear. There’s nothing less threatening than a woolly sheep on a battlefield.


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