20 Under 20


We all know that living in Sydney is expensive even for you DINKs (double income, no kids if you don’t want to check Urban Dictionary) out there, but the one thing that doesn’t have to break the bank is the occasional adventure into our harbour-side city.So, without further ado, here’s a short list of 20 shenanigans you can get up to without crossing that $20 price-tag.

Eat, Play, Explore, Experiment

  1. If you’re a bit obsessive with your baked goods, the Fujipan Japanese Bakery should be your priority with custard filled Totoro buns, taro pan, and even black sesame soft serve ice cream to fill your grumbling stomach.
  2. Explore a little piece of paradise in an otherwise bustling city at the Chinese Garden of Friendship.
  3. Cool off on a hot day with some N2 Extreme Gelato and be sure to experiment with mouth-watering flavours like Raffaello and Panama Pandan – you never really know what you’re going to come across.
  4. Brunch has never tasted so good at Charlie & Franks where breakfast is available all day and you can wash down your appetizing meal with a healthy smoothie.
  5. Dance like no one is watching at No Lights No Lycra where dim lights mean no judgement and a killer playlist will get everyone moving.
  6. Sing your heart out at Lantern By Waguya with their budget-conscious karaoke rooms.
  7. Watch movies in style at Govinda’s Cinema where your very own recliner awaits.
  8. Explore the curious stalls at Paddy’s Markets where you never know what you’re going to find – stick to window shopping if you’re keeping the budget low, but there’s plenty of treasures to discover below the $20 price line.
  9. Release your inner child at the Sky Zone Trampoline Park where you can bounce around to your heart’s content – there’s a dodgeball zone, basketball hoops and even a foam pit so expect your hour to fly by quickly.
  10. Take a stroll through the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens all the way up to Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, just don’t forget to pick up a scoop or two of gelato at Royal Copenhagen before you head off.
  11. Treat yourself at the Burger Project where you can spoil yourself with delectable burgers that will satisfy your taste buds – if you’re feeling particularly indulgent, taste test one of their delicious ice cream desserts.
  12. Take a swim in Sydney’s most Instagram worthy swimming hole – the North Sydney Olympic Pool.
  13. Have a laugh at The Cafe Lounge with stand-up comedy every Monday and Sunday night.
  14. Explore Sydney’s latest attraction Barangaroo Reserve where you can find a spot on the grass and take in the breathtaking harbour views.
  15. Get your freak on with hip-hop, krump, and popping classes at the Crossover Dance Studio – you can even try a K-Pop class for something a little bit different.
  16. Walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge without paying a cent on the pedestrian path situated right next to the busy traffic of the Cahill Expressway.
  17. It’s Time For Thai – what more is there to say?
  18. Are you always up for trying something new? Well, Laughter Wellness is the choice for you.
  19. Unleash your inner bookworm by getting lost in the rows of shelves at Kinokuniya. With titles in Japanese, French, Chinese, English, and German, you don’t have to buy anything to appreciate Sydney’s largest range of books.
  20. Find serenity at Wendy Whiteley’s Secret Garden – just don’t get lost in Wonderland.

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